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Dec.8, 2014 [Release] By Utilizing Deep Learning, QueryEye’s New Predictive AI Achieves a 70% Success Rate for Predictions Made in the App Store!

Sep.19, 2013 [Release] QuerySeeker Analyze supplies the native application
-- The data distribution service started to supply the ranking data in every minute at App Store. The change can be detected as quickly as every other minute. --
-- Exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2013 (Booth#: 5-C4 ) --

Sep.15, 2011 [Release] Approximately 50% of the factors behind dramatic rise in iPhone application ranking have been found due to increase in the number of twitters.
---The result of joint research between QueryEye and Nagoya University ---

Sep.15, 2011 [Release] The upgraded version 2.0 of the QuerySeeker Analyze has begun to be provided with newly-added three functions. Additional functions, namely, the Tweet ranking, Media ranking, and AP have been added without changing the price.
=== To be exhibited in the Tokyo Game Show 2011. ===

Sep.21, 2010 [Togetter] [BUZZ for QuerySeeker]
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Sep.16, 2010 [Release] “QuerySeeker”, the marketing analyzing tool for iPhone/iPad Application will be announced
-- Exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 --

June 6, 2010 QuerySeeker Alpha version release.

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